My Story..... Angela Collingwood
    Founder of HKMemory Chest
    I moved to live in Hong Kong in 2000 and have three daughters, all born here.  After seeing the amazing scrapbook albums my friends were putting together I decided to give it a try when my middle daughter was born, in 2004
    This is my story and my personal welcome to you.... A NEW SCRAPBOOKER!
    Like most people who enjoy scrapbooking, this hobby has become something of an obsession and a passion.  I love its versatility, on so many levels.  You can copy a layout, modify a layout or do something completely original without being artistically gifted.  It can also be soul searching and a way to record special memories.  Any subject or theme can be scrapbooked.
    Friends are always a great source of inspiration for scrapbooking and I get real satisfaction from introducing new scrapbookers to this wonderful past time and seeing their delight when they are happy with a layout they have created. Scrapbooking is often my own personal relief from everyday pressures and is certainly a hobby that will never age.
    My vision is to make Hong Kong an international destination for all the big scrapbooking vendors and to introduce more and more of Hong Kong's lovely people to this wonderful hobby, as I continue to expand the store.

    A Short History

    Scrapbooking has been around for many years, in various shapes and formats and goes back as far as the 15th Century . In 1570, the "embellishment" came into being with coloured plates depicting popular scenes such as Venetian costumes or Carnival scenes, affordable options as compared to original works.  In 1826, with the advent of photography, the art of scrapbooking would be forever entrenched.

    In addition to preserving memories, the hobby is popular for the strong social network that it can provide.  Known as "scrappers" or "scrapbookers", hobbyists get together and scrapbook at each other's homes, local scrapbook stores, scrapbooking conventions and even on cruises.  Crop sessions became venues for sharing tips and ideas, the term "crop" referring to cropping or trimming printed photos.  Describing, explaining or accenting the photographs of a scrapbook page is called "journaling" and can take many forms.  Reflective, story like, reportive in tone or simply a list of words. It may also include song lyrics, quotes and poems and the value lies in the fact that it provides an account of family histories that may otherwise not be preserved. (Source Wikpedia).

    What will I need?
    You'll need to buy some basic equipment - click here to see a list.  If you would like to "try before you buy", you can call on us send us an email.

    Its a great idea to have an introductory lesson...... we'd be happy to provide that!  We'll supply the equipment and you just decide whether you'd like to continue. 

    However, we feel sure you'll be hooked..... just as we are!

    What is a Crop Session?
    Many new scrapbookers ask this question.  A crop session is where you bring your own photos, scrapbooking supplies and tools and come to the shop to be inspired by other scrapbookers. It's a great way to get new ideas and help for those pages you might be stuck on or simply to get through all those layouts you’ve been meaning to do. New scrapbookers are always welcome to crop sessions. However, we recommend taking at least one class to see what it's all about, especially if you don’t own the basics such as a cutter or adhesive and want to have personalized attention when getting started.  Go to the Events page to book your spot and click here for more details on our Crop Sessions.
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